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Recently I posted a reply on my buddy, Chuq’s blog, In Saner Thought, to his most recent post HERE, where he explores the internal struggle at the White House as this anonymous New York Times op-ed becomes the crisis of the day.

My reply as I made it is below and is the substance for this post.

Just to insert a couple observations on this, chuq…

Point 1 – As I mentioned in my own post.. the largest glaring issue I have with what this ‘secret” person is alleging… these resistance “persons” are NOT elected yet they are interfering in the proper conduct of the President and asserting their own agenda. It does NOT matter if their agenda/reasons are altruistic and meant to appear heroic. While I dislike Trump in office as everyone well knows, we MUST recognize that this person is alleging what amounts to sabotaging the President of the United States. This is NOT right or Constitutional, and the act itself is likely illegal in some form.

Point 2 – These “resistance” persons should have recognized the above and while this person alleges to have suggested that cabinet members had discussed exercising the 25th amendment, subsequently dismissing it because of its complex process, THAT would have been an an overt attempt at a Constitutional REMEDY given the reluctance of Congress in moving forward on its own. Instead, it can be VERY easily interpreted that this “resistance” bunch is trying to preserve some level of continuing and promoting the overall Trump agenda while at the same time trying to contain the President as a “symbolic” actor in the process. Irregardless of one’s view of a Trump’s agenda, this self-serving intrigue cannot and must not continue.

Point 3 – Curtail this nonsense idea of a “steady state” running the presidency, and immediately these “resistance” persons should resign and come forward publicly and submit to Congressional scrutiny. Otherwise… all this secret stuff can be interpreted in any number of ways.. including what one media anchor suggested as being a “soft coup”.

Point 4 – The NYT has indicated the author of this op-ed had some fear of losing his/her job. If it were Pence, Trump, nor anyone else, can fire him (although Congress can impeach him as well). Also, as revealed in a recent book about Pence himself, he has dreams of taking over after Trump is gone and has his own agenda. It’s very probable that Pence is NOT in this “resistance” loop because he IS the VP and wants to stay clear in order to be ready to assume the presidency without being wrapped in a conspiracy.

Again, the anonymous op-ed author in the NYT indicates that there was some discussion of exercising the 25th Amendment…

“Given the instability many witnessed, there were early whispers within the cabinet of invoking the 25th Amendment, which would start a complex process for removing the president. But no one wanted to precipitate a constitutional crisis. So we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until — one way or another — it’s over.”


What/how might using the 25th actually work.. and would it be all that difficult?

Here is the explanation put forth by CNN..


Here again is my contention on all this… returning a bit to my reply to buddy chuq’s blog above.

I absolutely, positively, and as firmly as I can state it… for as well intentioned as the “resistance” members MIGHT be toward saving the country from the ravages of Trump.. what they are doing is flat out wrong and against our Constitution.. and the country.  In it’s purest sense and inside the proverbial vacuum of a perfect world, these resistance people, or certainly the anonymous author of the op-ed, are in some way “courageous” to a point.

They are interfering with the duties of a duly elected President, are in essence sabotaging his efforts at running the country.  They are not elected by the people.  Their JOB is to call attention to Congress and the people any issues concerning the fitness of the President to lead.  Short of that, if there are significant policy and performance discrepancies, dissenting administration officials can quit, then offer their testimony to Congress for that body to fulfill the Congressional role of Executive oversight.

If Congress is NOT attentive to that role with any perception of urgency or process, which is currently the situation, any terminated government officials can take their case to the public, individually, collectively, through the media in order to apply pressure to Congress for action.  Disgruntled government officials, no matter how noble their cause, should NEVER interfere with the activities of the President.


Now, to using the 25th as the “resistance” apparently discussed….

Regardless how difficult or even impossible an outcome would be in removing a sitting President using the 25th.. the fact that the process was started at all would lend the (hopefully) required seriousness and attention to the issues at hand regarding the fitness of a president in carrying out his duties.  Maybe the effort only gets to the first stage… the VP sends a letter to both Houses, and immediately the president it relieved of his duties.  That alone is the easiest and most surely attention-getting action of the public and Congress.

Even if the effort gets defeated and the president returns to his duties… the seriousness has been revealed to the world… and most surely the administration would come to a standstill anyway as the internal damage to the White House senior leadership is worked out.  The VP is going nowhere as a result… unless Congress votes to impeach him and by that time the political turmoil would be so loud such an effort to impeach a VP would get bogged down.

To be absolutely clear… I want Trump out of the White House simply for his incompetence and mental and behavioral deficiencies that I’ve noted since before the election.  I never predicted what he would do.. but by assigning my initial apprehensions to his mental and practical and moral shortcomings, I did anticipate he would fail the country.

I want NO ONE not elected to office to assume interfering with a sitting president and pushing their own agenda no matter how “heroic” their intent.  A coup is a coup… soft or not.


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