Maybe this is the only way.

I never would have thought that I’d have reached a point in my aging life where I finally found a cause.  I mean, being a baby boomer and a witness to the Vietnam era and all the turmoil and national protest that event brought to the country for a decade, I was not an anti-war protestor.  I never marched in the streets… carried any protest signs.  While in college I never got caught up in the campus protests; I was never a hippie. In fact, me and a few other guys would make sure the flag was never hauled down from the campus flagpole.  That was the extent of my involvement in civil unrest.  In those days I was a republican, my country-love it-or leave-it kinda teenager.  But I was too young to vote.  My opposite political numbers who were also my age, and also too young to vote, used their voices collectively with those who could vote to affect war policy.. and ultimately made a difference in our country getting out of Vietnam.

I was never involved in any civil rights demonstrations going on at the same time either.  In fact, those days of rage, for as all-encompassing a social  struggle as that was, I stayed out of it.  I was too busy being a teenager and going to school and college.. then the military.  For me fighting for any of the variety of causes of the day was not on my agenda.  Fast forward 50 years… and I finally found a cause worth fighting for.

We have a president who should not be president.  It happened legitimately, according to the Constitution, and there’s no denying his election win.  But through some rare quirk of the process, and a strong show of disenchanted voters, he managed to get elected without having the popular vote.  Yes, the popular vote is not a requirement but it IS a moral and real reflection of the majority of voters and the political will of the majority of the country that differs from the President.  But my issues with Trump are not so much his policies but rather his character, lack of political experience, persona, and overall demeanor as being unfit to hold the office.  He’s an American embarrassment in character, far too confrontational, totally inexperienced with an equally inexperienced administration, and as such represents a possible danger to the long term safety and tranquility of the nation.  A significant lack of temprament and judgement.  While I am sure his current and future actions are not with malice, they will be from a position of ignorance of what the position entails.

So.. what would be the point in having an anti-Trump blog (along with the many others on the net)?  My fight is to keep preaching his failings and inabilities and their ramifications to the country (which really means, to anyone who happens to stop here on my blog).   Hopefully by spreading “the word” I can keep all this discontent as a mechanism for change.  My blog exists to try and convince Trump supporters that all is not going to be what they are hoping or expecting.  

What change do I hope happens?  Glad you asked.

As an American I find my hope inside the Constitution.  Inside that document rests the path toward removing Trump from office.  Keeping public opinion alive sends a message to members of Congress and hopefully Congress will act accordingly.  I want him removed from office, or in the least, not going beyond one term as president.  My blog here represents my small way to fight for that cause.

Look… I don’t deny he feels himself some sort of patriot; I am sure he loves America and has America’s welfare at heart… in his own way.  I don’t feel he would knowingly abuse the office in some economic way for personal gain.  I am sure HE thinks he’s saving the country.. making America great again using his own interpretation of how to achieve that greatness.  I’ve been in business, owned businesses, and my particular forte in business is management.  I have managed people in many business environments for many decades.  I know the job of management.  No.. I’m not a billionaire; no one in my family left me a fortune as seed money for amassing more wealth.  But my expertise has been placing people with the right talents in positions to not only maximize their own potential but to also fulfill a corporate role in making money efficiently.  You delegate to people who have the skills required for the position.  President Trump is a poor fit for the job.  He’s a perfect example of The Peter Principle.. reaching a level of his own incompetence.  In the real world, had an employee displayed such shortcomings, I would have transferred him to a more appropriate position, offered to re-train, or just plain fired him myself… then query the HR department as to how he got hired in the first place.

But given all his negative attributes and complete inexperience, he’s a bumbling buffoon and a fish out of water in diplomacy and political acumen… and misunderstanding the ramifications of everything he says and does.  He has shown NO indication of surrounding himself with those with enough political experience to advise him properly, and, he is not experienced in taking counsel from others in order to maximize his own abilities.  He has been the boss his whole life.  Here in America the voters ARE the HR department for the office of the presidency.

I’ve written before that he might be my president but he will never be MY president.  I respect the office he holds… and I would take a bullet for him because he’s the president, occupying a Constitutional office in my country, but not because he’s presidential.  In the meantime, I will do everything I can to promote his peaceful and lawful removal, or limiting his serving to one term only.  This blog represents, in a very small, minute way, my effort to affect change by influencing others; getting folks to think on their own, evaluate the facts and make solid opinion on Trump’s inability to serve ALL Americans and be our presidential president.

To summarize my position, my motivation has NOTHING to do with favoring Hillary Clinton and having sour grapes.  I have NO interest in some “invalidating” his election win.  My motivation is NOT regarding political policy differences; carrying out campaign promises. Although how he initiates these changes… without thought, planning, or proper vetting, is open to criticism.

The longer he’s president the more embarrassing he will become.