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It looks like this Syrian fiasco is heating up again.  Judging from what our Dear Leader proclaimed in the above Tweet he finally has assigned some blame for something to Putin himself.  As of this writing the gas attack in the town of Ghouta has claimed 70 lives and numbers of injured.

CNN is also reporting (HERE) that Syria is claiming the U.S. has made a missile attack on an air base near the town of Hom, which the Pentagon is denying.  All this is occurring smack in the middle of Trump’s “revealing to our enemies” (just like Obama did) that he “wants to remove our Troops as soon as possible” from Syria “…and let others take care of it.”.  What a hodge-podge mess.  So, what is exactly going on here?  It’s anybody’s guess really.  Likely only Putin has a clear idea what is happening because he’s likely causing the events.  Trump has no idea what he’s doing and Assad is Putin’s puppet.  Pretty much a theater of the absurd… at the expense of innocent Syrian civilians, and most certain to be loss of American lives as time and events unfold further from all this.

It gets old hearing Trump constantly with this excuse.. “I inherited all this from Obama.”  Every president leaving office leaves something for the next president to “inherit”.. good or bad.  More often than not, the next president is in political opposition from the last president… so obviously whatever the last president has done is usually decided as being all “bad”, hence some burdensome cross to bear for the new president to “fix”.  Obama went in there on some mission to remove the impending threat to an Isis caliphate right in the middle of the Syrian civil war.  Since our nation is technically at war with terrorism, and Isis is a terrorist group, that was our moral authority to get involved.  Supposedly, Trump has singlehandedly defeated Isis dreams for a caliphate and now he wants to bring the troops home in some “mission accomplished” Bush-deja vu thing, and ignore the raging civil war and humanitarian needs all around them… and the occasional nerve gas attacks by Assad (or, the Russians?).

Of course, there was Trump drawing some figurative line-in-the-sand thing in that gas attack about a year back when Trump dumped those 59 cruise missiles on one of Assad’s air bases in some retribution thing.  So I guess that sets the precedent for doing it again because we want to punish Assad for using chemical weapons against some treaty?  This is a political nightmare on top of being a real human tragedy in the region.

One of the problems with our decades and decades policy of trying to export democracy is the fact that some countries frankly are not ready for democracy and we should just butt out.  Sometimes these Third World dictatorships do simply make sense in at least lending control and organization.  If the civilian populace wants change… then revolt like we did.  It serves to put THEIR skin in the game rather than American or allied troops.  Well, on the surface that sounds easy, I know.  The reality is that very few civil wars stay contained within their own borders.  At the outset you have crowds of refugees fleeing the combat and going into neighboring countries… and humanitarian events take over, like hunger, medical attention, poor living conditions, etc.  Then the question becomes… how many American lives will it be worth to try and help these refugees, either in delivering humanitarian aid or providing some offensive military intervention to protect them in their neighborhoods?

Frankly.. how does any soldier rally his commitment that he’s “helping to defend his country” when it has nothing to do with that at all.  Our role in Syria has nothing to do with defending our country. If anything, the soldier in these situations is risking his life to carry out American policy as it relates to assisting those who are unable to assist themselves… generally under combat conditions with idiotic rules of engagement to keep him from getting too trigger-happy in wanting to defend himself or others.

Then the flag-draped caskets come into Dover and families wonder how their loved one got caught in some crossfire, walked into some ambush, or got blown up by an IED.. and then investigations start.  Investigations in a combat zone?  Shit happens in combat… in war zones.  We think our “peacekeeping” missions inside war zones that result in American fatalities are “murder” requiring investigations just to give meaning of their child’s death to family members to make sure their loved one’s death was… justifiably “heroic”?  Did some grunt lieutenant make a wrong decision walking his men down the wrong road?  I dunno… this whole scenario is way out of whack to me.  We Americans are getting way too used to these crazy missions into war zones, that are sanitized in calling them “humanitarian” missions.. and loved one’s think their child is going off to summer camp or something, and things go bad, and we want investigations into their death like it’s CSI.  We’ve lost some reality somewhere in all this.

I sincerely doubt our troops will be leaving Syria any time soon.  I truly do not know which way to go on this primarily because I am not in any loop where I should have all the info; I’m just a regular citizen.  Here’s some guesses….

  • Trump authorized the missile strike on the Hom airbase.
  • Trump contacted an ally.. the Brits, Israelis, or the French to missile strike the air base in order to “dampen” our involvement.
  • Assad dropped the chemical bomb then struck his own air base to make it look like the Americans did it.
  • Assad dropped the chem bomb because (like McCain has said) he got emboldened when Trump said he wanted the troops out.  Putin came up with the idea of the missile strike to look like the Americans did it.
  • Assad was out of the country for holiday, and Putin dropped the chem bomb and did the missile strike to taunt Trump.
  • Just blame Hillary and those 30,000 emails.

This Syria thing is going to get far worse before it gets better… and starting today (Monday) hawk Bolton starts his new job a National Security Adviser.  Stay tuned.