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I mean, it’s simply a matter of what’s more important, Trump’s persona or his agenda to make America great again, right?  When I manage to engage conservatives pretty much the same arguments are presented.. the media constantly picks on Trump and reports only “bad” news and they never report Trump’s (wonderful) accomplishments.

Well, when one reviews the primary fact checking sites it’s a fair result that Trump’s actual “successes” thus far has been the removing anything with Obama’s name on it, Obama decrees, some sundry items, and his big Congressional accomplishment thus far is the Gorsuch appointment to the Bench.  Many of his other agenda items (see the pie chart above) are either stalled or in the works.  The major agenda items, like the border wall, repeal & replace Obamacare, et al, have suffered in Congress.  Now, the question from that is, why is Trump having a tough time keeping Congressional  Republicans in line in order to carry the majority votes?

Well, if you listen to the likes of Republican Senators Jeff Flake, John McCain, and Bob Corker.. along with the Democrats in Congress of course, there appears to be issues with the President’s demeanor, persona, and unpresidential bizarre behavior… that just might be getting in the way in carrying his agenda forward.  Sooo… the remedy would seem to be… get rid of Trump as he’s apparently placed himself in the way of moving forward with his own agenda.  Allow VP Pence to take the helm.  I’d be all for that myself.  Pence will bring back stability in the White House and a measure of presidentialism, and likely an ability (from his political experience) to actually work with Congress to get things done.

So, let’s let that be the challenge to Conservatives.  If they are more concerned with bombastic bravado, compromising morality, constant chaos, and narcissistic behavior, then by all means, stay with Trump.  At least we know what you stand for.  But if your vote for Trump was because of what he promised in his agenda.. and obviously his agenda is being stalled because of who he is personally, then why not let Pence lead the charge?  A perfect win-win for everyone.

Oh.. that “draining the swamp” thing the Trump conservatives like?  You mean, removing seasoned political “elites” and replacing them with politically inexperienced millionaire businessmen?  Well, is that working out for you?  I don’t really see that from my vantage point.  But I am sure Pence can continue with the swamp draining.  You know, I betcha Pence will even be more inclined to not lie all the time… and needing to remind us all how smart he is.