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“Lock her up! Lock her up!  Wait… isn’t It lock HIM up?”

Back when I started this blog, when Trump started his Presidency, my “issue” with him was his persona and ill-experience for the office to which he was elected by a minority of the voters.  For me it was as obvious as the nose on my face that he would fail because of those factors, after all, we are all on some level prisoners of who we are.  Our personalities seldom change unless some life experience is introduced into the mix that creates a new cerebral balance.  But people like Trump seldom change.

We are now two years into his Presidency and he is teetering on the edge of a legal abyss.  I never could have predicted his downfall as being a number of legal and political dilemmas, although I had little problem presuming his inexperience and immoral persona would end up causing his political end.  The unfortunate part is that he has left a legacy of a divided nation and a decline in our nation’s international role as a political leader and a positive example for democracy.  He’s ultimately going to leave office with the country in a political and social mess, and maybe in some economic woes yet to be revealed as the threat of an impeachment battle looms on the near horizon .

Many Conservatives and loyal Trump Republicans are still in support of his misguided daily antics, lies, and caustic behavior.  I mean, here’s the current “score”; he’s got legal investigations with all of the following…

  1. Mueller – The Special Council’s Office
  2. New Jersey Attorney General’s Office
  3. Maryland Attorney General’s Office
  4. New York Attorney General’s Office
  5. U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York
  6. U.S. Congress (expected Jan. 2019)

…involving the following Trump entities…

The Trump Organization – The Trump Foundation

The Trump Inauguration – The Trump Transition

The Trump Administration – The Trump Campaign

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see the common denominator here.. Trump.  And these investigations are far more than just looking into peripheral individuals and campaign staff members; there are direct links to Trump himself, and/or his family members, having been allegedly involved and/or knowledgeable of corrupt misdeeds.  The sheer size of all this makes Nixon look like a schoolboy and the Clintons looking like saints.  Conservatives must be truly disappointed because Trump failed them as well.  So many voted for Trump because Hillary was a “crook”.. lock her up, remember?  30,000 emails on those basement servers!  Benghazi!  Whitewater!  The Clinton Foundation!  Selling uranium to the Russians!  It made no matter that none of those situations resulted in criminal charges against the Hillary or any Clinton simply because no evidence supported those charges.  But wait… that’s because of Left-Wing conspiracies!

Irrespective of the fact that Trump’s persona and experience was already being displayed as sub-standard and immoral during the campaign, and because of Hillary and those Left-Wing conspiracies to insulate her from criminal charges “were so obvious” to everyone, Trump supporters voted for him to clean up D.C… rid Washington of all those elitists… drain the swamp… get the DOJ to go after Hillary! To hell with Trump’s “little” imperfections!  He’s going to make things right and make America great again in the process!

Well.. Trump is on the way to being proven as the greatest criminal president in U.S. history.  But hey.. that’s just a “little” imperfection, right?


Mueller so far has returned 192 indictments.   Certainly by that number alone Trump holds the record over other administrations in corrupt associates stepping up to those indictments.  But Trump’s base still laments the idiotic, “But look at all the good he’s done for the country.”  Uh-huh.  You’d think even the average Republican Conservative would think a turnover of some 40 senior administration officials in the last year would indicate something is not right with the guy running the show.

All these investigations and potential accusations don’t have to be proven at all for initiating the impeachment process.  Also, there is a significant risk that once Trump leaves office.. 2020 or sooner, it’s very likely he could be charged when he becomes citizen Trump.  Would his replacement pardon him?  Depends on the mood of the country at the time.  Much of the public was not happy when Ford pardoned Nixon.. yet history reveals it was likely the best thing to do at the time to get back to healing the nation from the divisions cause by Watergate.

The Mueller investigation is looking like it will be more damning to Trump across the board once it’s revealed.  So far the curious part of all the people involved to date is why they all lied to such an extent.  What are they not saying?  What.. who.. are they protecting from being discovered?  Is the connection with Russia more involved than we thought?

Personally, Trump getting proven guilty of a crime is not as important to me as just getting him removed from office.  But he certainly should  be held accountable, according to the Constitution he’s so flagrantly ignored, because he is not above the law like he thinks he is.

Sit back and watch the rats begin to jump the sinking ship.


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