China’s Xi Jinping, a man with a view.

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This gawd-awful Trump World has in fact done a pretty good job sending the message to the rest of the world that “the U.S. isn’t going to take it anymore” regarding all these alleged bad trade deals, “fake” global warming science, our nation’s (financial) support of defense organizations, re-neging on working treaties, the administration’s apparent disregard of anything negative about Russia’s intentions, the diplomatic verbal buffoonery with North Korea, and our complete domestic divisiveness fomented and encouraged by a bravado spewing, lying President.. all this, is making America great again.  The world is taking notice of our floundering cultural and political identity.  Mostly the world sees a huge American inability to establish a working foreign policy toward international diplomacy, military intervention, trade and globalism, and promoting democracy.

Here’s the sobering take-away from all this.  While here in America time is comparatively standing still, the world is moving ahead in spite of us, and doesn’t give a tinker’s damn what Trump says or does.  Of 37 countries polled in a recent Pew Research study there is a 14{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41} drop in overall favorable perceptions of America. (Read HERE if you wish).

The up & comer in world respect and influence is China.  Australia, Netherlands, and our buddies to the north, Canada, all have more favorable views of China than the U.S. under Trump.  In the meantime here in the States, the Conservative right Trumpian base is lavishing in this domestic idea that they finally have an outspoken political ignoramus to drain swamps and verbally give the middle finger to the rest of the world.  Who cares what China does!

Yeah, well… someone better care.  While we are devouring each other domestically China’s chocolate cake-loving, Xi Jinping, has been ramping up his country’s long-term objectives to his people in a recent speech to the party Communists.  Not only is he consolidating his own political power but he has reached a level of internal control to establish these goals as part of the domestic constitution.  It’s nothing about old-style Communist domination of the world (China was never all that anyway).  It’s a stance to be included in international diplomacy and cooperate with certain world initiatives, like environmental treaties and trade agreements.  China has little interest in being contrary just to be contrary.  They are falling in line with international order.  Foreign aid from China has increased dramatically and it sees itself as the economic juggernaut alternative to the U.S.  Heck, it’s common knowledge China owns much of our debt.

When we act surprised at China turning a pile of coral into a military installation in the South China Sea, or that they now have an aircraft carrier… just look into the mirror to see who is ultimately responsible for that outcome.  Also… it helps to keep into balance that China’s increase in defense spending has a LONG way to go to even get close to our military prowess; we should NOT focus on that.  Honestly, we should be making more trade deals with China… even so much as joining with them in establishing new markets in the Third World, like Africa.  A few joint scientific research treaties would be a good idea; that might help us get out of this stupid denial of scientific study when it doesn’t favor someone’s bastardized political ideology.  That simply hearkens to the days of nazi science and the ignorant religious Dark Ages denial of science in the Middle Ages.  I’m not just referring to global warming; that denial has set a trend into other studies.

I’ll finish this with a quote from Fareed Zakaria’s recent article in the Washington Post…

“Meanwhile, consider how the United States must look now to the rest of the world. It is politically paralyzed, unable to make major decisions. Amidst a ballooning debt, its investments in education, infrastructure, and science and technology are seriously lacking. Politics has become a branch of reality TV, with daily insults, comebacks and color commentary. America’s historical leadership role in the world has been replaced by a narrow and cramped ideology. Foreign policy has become a partisan game, with Washington breaking agreements, shifting course and reversing policy almost entirely to score political points at home. 

The shift in reputation that we are witnessing around the world is not so much about the rise of China but rather the decline of the United States.”


Maybe Trump (and the base that worships him) hasn’t been paying attention to current events, but this is the perfect recipe for making America irrelevant… not great, like it used to be before Trump.