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Mirror, mirror on the wall……… (no, not THAT wall)

All the finger pointing is expected.. and Trump himself is doing a lot of it in typical fashion.  The crazy nutjobs are not limited to just the bomber.  Some of those FOX people are really stretching the conspiracy that it’s all a big Dem attempt to get an edge on the upcoming election.  Obviously they are holding to the Trumpian opinion that the FBI and law enforcement are complicit since they have lots of Democrats and “rino’s” within their ranks hell-bent on making Trump look bad.

Well, methinks it’s time to get a bit objective here with some self-examination.

Point 1 – Trump got elected regardless of the popular vote not favoring him because not enough people voted, in order to vote against him.  If you are in that category then you have a measure of the blame for the bomber doing what he did.  In what way?  Well, Trump won because you and your kind didn’t vote.. and Trump’s got the vitriol mouth that created this environment that triggered this guy.

Point 2 – Trump got elected because you DID vote for him.. and like I just said, his rhetoric created this environment that triggered the bomber.  You have a measure of blame whether you perceive to have any blame or not given you obviously like the guy, hence you approve of what he says and does.

Point 3 – You voted against Trump for the obvious reasons.  I’m in this category, as well.  Many of us, me included, have allowed ourselves to be seduced into extraordinary anger at Trump’s behavior and where he’s taking the nation.  How could we be in any way accepting of some blame for triggering the bomber?  It may be a human response but our civil discourse to those around us, in our blogs, in civil exchanges and attitudes in public, we’ve allowed our anger and frustration to take hold.  The Right calls it TDS.. Trump Derangement Syndrome.  We are so incensed that we use our own rhetoric to fight back.. contributing to the crazy environment that triggered the shooter.

Point 4 – But the bomber is a mental case, you say; he’s also an adult and should be held responsible for his actions.  Of course.. no question.  But here’s a reality check.  Humans are a diverse species.  People have their own opinions based on any number of reasons; we march to the beat of our own drum.  A segment of the population thinks and acts differently from the other segments.  Some choose to listen and follow others with a message they like, while others choose to do the opposite, for opposite reasons.  This is how we are.  There are some of us that  may have some mental deficiencies, and some of us are perfectly normal but are more susceptible to what others say.  The point being… you get ten people in a room and tell them there’s a fire… you will get ten different reactions; some might lead, some might follow.  Trump is the President of the U.S. and has a definitive edge with the bully-pulpit.  Some people will listen.  Some people will challenge.  Some people (most actually) want to be led in some way and are looking for a leader.  Some just want to do their own thing with no authority figure.  My point here… if someone with the attentive power as with the President of the U.S. receives, there is strong possibility harsh rhetoric can become someone’s plan of action.  That leads us to the next point.

Point 5 – Words matter.  A President’s words matter much more.  Radical talk can fall on susceptible ears… mental cases or seemingly logical people.  It’s also a bit of a number’s game.  There will always be an X percentage of people who will respond to what you say in a way you’d likely not expect.   You go to rallies to speak to the masses about fears they should have, be it race, economics, social standing, jobs… telling them that their sad lot in life is the result of outside sources that have to be stopped at all costs.. and getting the masses emotionally riled up in a manor to foment hate… there’s no question a trigger will hit someone who is willing to kill in response to the words you say, thinking they are contributing.  This is called accepting responsibility for your words… and what your words can do.  Trump pulled the trigger on this bomber.. and while Trump is not responsible for the crime itself he is morally responsible in his words affecting a person to act in this manner by creating a condition.  Trump verbally radicalized the vulnerability of the bomber.

Point 6 – The press is responsible.  No question some blame goes here as well.  The press tends to echo society and there’s been a lot of echoes passing through the media lately.  There’s also a bit of repetition, suggesting a form of unintended brainwashing to those people lacking certain thinking  and conflict management skills.  The press is not likely to change because it is not a single entity and is motivated by competition for revenue.. and will continue to be “a player” in social discourse and political drama.  This means people will have to learn to adapt to filtering media information before acting upon it.

But more important… it’s nothing about the pissing match on the villain being a Dem or a Conservative.  The reason we are trying to patronize blame with a “both sides are at fault” litany is because both sides are responding to the “battlefield” environment created by Trump.  The Democrat who shot up the Congressional baseball practice last year.. and the Republican bomber now… were both inspired by the playing field established by Trump’s words.  Let’s not get lost in some blame pissing match and score keeping on how many criminal acts are done by culprits representing one side or the other.


We know who is responsible for radicalizing this bomber.  Mirror, mirror… and wait for our own face to pixelize and  Trump’s face to materialize.


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