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About a month or so back I made a post on this blog suggesting that in spite of the growing public swell favoring impeachment we might want to think twice about what that might do to our very divisive country.  In that post I made the observation that on any given day Trump’s base represents a favorable polling of 35 to 40{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41}, and that is not simply a number to ignore.  Given a large number of his base includes the vitriol far right, and even radical racial elements and neo-whatevers, that there might be some risk of an “unnatural” departure of Trump inciting public violence.  At the time of that post I suggested perhaps waiting… certainly not pushing for action using the 25th Amendment (tough and unprecedented to do anyway), but waiting for 2020 and simply vote him out of office; a more palatable and acceptable process to his base.  This would be assuming the Mueller investigation was not revealing anything in that time frame to change the politics.

(For a post refresher if you wish, go HERE.)

Well……  a critical part of that concept is us humans with cooler minds being able to last that long; that Trump doesn’t get worse, his wackiness and random nonsense tweets are somehow “contained” to some degree, and his impulsive behavior doesn’t serve to embarrass the country further.  Thilly me for thinking that.  Just the incidents over the last week… the Mueller investigation causing indictments close to the White House, Clovis removing his name from contention for Secretary of Agriculture because of some connection to the Russian “thing”, Sessions now under scrutiny for more memory lapses of what he has or has not done,  the Bergdahl sentencing, has all caused Trump to act like a cornered cat.

There is no containing his tweets, of course.. and they certainly flowed wildly over the last few days.  Perhaps the most notable is when he completely degraded our justice system, calling it laughable, projecting his own idea of who is guilty without a trial (and thus risk tainting a potential jury pool), calling on the Justice Department to investigate his enemies, etc.  A sitting president openly spouting off against a flagship element of our democracy, even if I qualify my acknowledgement that I don’t think he truly believed what he said (as I did in my last post), the fact is.. he said it and there are idiot Americans who are going to believe him.  This galls me to no end.  As I am writing this he is on some trip to Asia to see what damage he can cause.  God help us all.

So…. now I am saying… forget about waiting to 2020 to have a nice pretty election to bounce him out.  He needs to go now.  He is reacting exactly to the Nixon emotional playbook.


A Couple Predictions –

I have no special insight into Washington politics; I do not know high people in low places, or low people in high places.  I know a little history and I have lived through some history.  Quite obviously me saying that means little in the world as it’s just an opinion… and opinions are a dime a dozen.  So.. here’s my prediction I will GUARANTEE will happen in the not-to-distant future.  Yep.. I can guarantee these things will happen (in no particular order) because I have to answer to no one if they never come true.

  1. Trump will ultimately fire Mueller. I am not going to predict the political fallout, but I might suggest the reader read up on Watergate history to get a flavor of what might happen.
  2. Trump will fire Sessions (likely before Mueller) simply because of Sessions selective amnesia. Also, I think Trump is still pissed at him for the Mueller appointment and needs a good excuse.
  3. Trump will pardon Kushner, his son-in-law; he’s family. I know.. so far Kushner hasn’t even been charged with anything.  Give it time.
  4. Trump will pardon himself to thwart the legal process in anticipation of leaving office, even if by an election. This would not change his vulnerability to impeachment.  If Pence takes over before an election, he will also pardon Trump.

Ok.. let’s get to the title of this post…


Why Isn’t Congress Doing Anything Toward Removing Trump?

I think it’s a combination of a few things and it might help if I itemize them.

  1. If the public is aghast and in a state of shock & awe over Trump’s election and behavior all these months you gotta believe Congress is as well… both Houses.. both parties. Individually these folks are trying to figure out what their position should be in relation to what their constituents might want.  Apparently impeaching a president for denying the receiving of a blow job in the Oval Office is a more solid effort than impeaching because a president is a daily-demonstrating mental case and incompetent.
  2. The GOP is the majority in both Houses at the moment and they have been trying to look like they are carrying forward the party leader’s (Trump) agenda… even when Trump himself does not represent traditional Republican values; rather a composite whatever-he-dreams-up that someone has labeled “Trump Replicanism”. The GOP started out hanging on Trump’s shirt tails given his win, and now given his incompetent and unpredictable actions the GOP is wavering and not overly unified (some members of Congress actually have a conscience).  Hence Trump’s agenda is stalled based on his own inept confusion he’s thrown at Congress.  The GOP leadership is worried about the next midterm election and in keeping the majority and to do that with an unpopular GOP president and fragmented Congressional party unity (and impotent toward passing meaningful legislation) looks bleak.  In other words, they are worried about their own asses and not impeaching anything… in spite of the likes of outspoken dissention leaders like, McCain, Flake, and Corker.
  3. And what about the Democrats? Why aren’t they pressing and applying pressure toward impeachment in spite of their minority status yet growing GOP disunity?  Good question.  Here’s a possible answer.  Methinks they are holding their cards for Mueller to set the hook(s) and get some responsibility for the Russia thing onto the President.  If that’s the reason I certainly do not agree with it as there is ample reason to remove Trump already; far more than the GOP had to impeach Clinton.  Simply pick one… emoluments clause?  Conduct unbecoming?  Mental instability?  Gross incompetence?  Remember, Congress does not need any criminal reason to impeach.

In one word, the reason Congress is not moving ahead with impeachment… confusion.  Confusion from the President’s actions and demeanor, confusion because of totally inept party leadership on both sides of the aisle, confusion because the average member of Congress does not have a firm grasp on the mood of their constituents in order to position themselves for re-election,  and complete confusion in being able to create and compromise any meaningful legislation, and knowing full well what how the voters my respond to that in the voting booth.

The problem with an impotent Congress is that it means NOTHING gets done.  Our only hope as concerned Americans is that the Dems take over in 2018.

Bottom line… we MUST vote.