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It’s being reported today among the media that Bob Woodward (of Woodward & Bernstein Watergate fame) will be releasing a new book about Trump titled FEAR: TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE.  This is from the Washington Post….  HERE…

In the worldwide capital of leaks and anonymous dishing that is Washington, secrets can be almost impossible to keep.

But somehow over the past 19 months, the fact that America’s most famous investigative journalist was quietly chipping away at a book that delves into the dysfunctions of President Trump’s White House remained largely unknown. On Monday night, that veil of secrecy will be lifted when Simon & Schuster plans to announce that it will publish “Fear: Trump in the White House” by Bob Woodward on Sept. 11, according to a copy of the release obtained by The Washington Post.

In the book, Woodward’s 19th, the 75-year-old journalist and author “reveals in unprecedented detail the harrowing life inside President Donald Trump’s White House and precisely how he makes decisions on major foreign and domestic policies,” the publisher’s release state.

This book is getting a lot of buzz as the determined author is alleged to have borrowed his investigative research style from 45 years ago, that proved so effective in “following the money” and bringing down Nixon.  Woodward has privately interviewed a large number of White House insiders, recording each one as “off the record”, and apparently has gotten quite an array of inside insight on what goes on inside the White House.  It’s being suggested that this is not a case of a single “Deep Throat” revealing tantalizing clues.  This is a case of a lot of “deep throats” making revelations.

Obviously this is not necessarily a book expose’ on illegal activities nor political dirty tricks and hotel office break-ins, ala 45 years ago.  It would seem any criminal revelations are being left up to Mueller’s investigation.  This book is a revelation on the staff relationships and Trump’s decision-making on major policies, foreign and domestic.

Woodward’s partner 45 years ago, Carl Bernstein, is an occasional talking head on CNN… providing comparison insight and even contemporary investigative reporting (having scooped that Cohen is saying that Trump was aware of the meeting in Trump Tower).  Neither one of these guys, Woodward or Bernstein, are resting on their senior citizen laurels.  Both have made no bones about their distaste for the President.  They also had a distaste for Nixon… yet kept objective in their reporting.  One can expect no difference with the facts in Bernstein’s book.

One sobering interview the Post article continues with this tidbit in explaining how the  title of the book was realized.

The expected tenor of the book is underscored by its unsettling cover, an extreme close-up of a squinty-eyed Trump depicted through a gauzy red filter. The hush-hush project derives its title from an offhand remark that then-candidate Trump made in an interview with Woodward and Post political reporter Robert Costa in April 2016. Costa asked Trump whether he agreed with a statement by then-President Barack Obama, who had said in an Atlantic magazine interview that “real power means you can get what you want without having to exert violence.”

At first Trump seemed to agree, saying: “Well, I think there’s a certain truth to that. . . . Real power is through respect.”

But then he added a personal twist: “Real power is, I don’t even want to use the word: ‘Fear.’ ”

Woodward, who declined to be quoted for this article, has privately described the remark as “an almost Shakespearean aside.”

Apparently the book is to be released on 9/11.. just before the Mid Term.  Seems a bit more than coincidence to me; both the date and the election timing.  Trump’s base will no doubt find objection to any of the book.  But right before the election the media will be pulling excerpts, the talking heads will discuss ad naseum, and all that coverage just very well could eat at his base further, especially in Congress.

Interesting when you think of it… the reporters of Watergate that brought down a president 45 years ago… could very well do the same thing today.  The right wing Conservatives can praise their favorite Second Amendment all they want.. I’ll stick with the First Amendment.  It’s done more to preserve our freedoms and defend our Constitution than any other.


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