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Well, it was bound to happen.  I’ve been lamenting on Trump’s performance since before the election so while I can certainly not predict how he would flop, I did predict that he will.  But honestly, I was not the only one; I’m no prophet of political doom for anyone.  I make no claim to being somehow connected with the gods to have some clairvoyance on the subject.  It was simple common sense, like a million other folks.  But even common sense is relative as many Trump supporters are using their own version of common sense.  Kinda scary, I know.

But actually, Trump flopped before he won the election as his errant behavior and questionable social skills and political inexperience was being displayed at every campaign move.  Hey, I’m not happy about this one bit by any stretch.  I’m an American… and the people who support Trump are also Americans.  Our divisiveness has one common factor… Trump.  A minority love him, the majority don’t approve what he is doing or has done.  Either way.. it’s about the man.  His supporters place a lot of hope in what he can to do improve their lot in life, his detractors just plain hope he doesn’t last long in office.

Can things for Trump.. and the country, get worse?  I have a lot of faith the country will do just fine.  One of the observations I’ve been making since the election has actually been how much Trump has gotten away with as far as “going outside the box” and doing things his way and screw everyone else.  Nothing apparently illegal (so far) but he has ignored traditions of the office and a certain amount of decorum and images of being presidential, in his methods and his speaking (and those damn tweets).  A lot of it has to do with the fact that there’s so much happening that you can’t focus for a long time on any one objection.

For example, you can push the press… limit access, ignore your press detractors, favor your press supporters, sling crap against the wall and let the press sort it all out.  There’s something to be said with the idea that you can toss the press “a shiny object” of news and they will play with it ad naseum.  You can change the rules of press conferences.  In the end  the press, and the public, can do nothing except report on it.  Now.. I would debate the sense of a president doing any of this, especially in the misguided Trump way, but one could incorporate a specific strategy without experiencing a huge outcry in violations of freedom of the press.  Sorry, Trump has no strategy.

Another observation… and actually one I would use… strategically.  Trump uses more.. “common” words.. like hell, damn, son-of-a-bitch, ass (although I’ve not heard “asshole”.. yet).. and lesser terms, like jerk, putz, schumuck.  Used the way Trump uses it appeals to his guttural base… but I could easily see using the terms to strike rare instances of exclamation and importance to set a priority of what’s being said.  Even saying an occasional “F” word… which would get bleeped out on the evening news anyway… would not incur the admonishment of the majority of Americans this day and age given cursing is a mainstay in movies and stage entertainment… and in everyday discourse.  But again.. words must be used strategically for the proper effect.  The “F” word still can invoke shock value, especially if the person uttering it has never, or seldom, been caught using it.

Tweets.  Ugh.  I have absolutely no use for Tweeting.  BUT… I can easily see the value in using it as president.  If you notice, when Trump tweets the press feeds on it.  Depending on who might tweet for you, it could be a great and instant “leak” to gauge how an action might be received before making it official.  The interesting thing about tweets as president.. you could care less who replies to what you tweet.  You are tweeting for the press.  Trump thinks he’s tweeting for his base.  Again.. this should be a strategic tool.. not a megaphone for support.

I am sure anyone could observe some other aspect that Trump’s pushing the envelope has revealed as having some value when used smartly and not impulsively.   But this does NOT mean to suggest that Trump knows what the hell he is doing.  He doesn’t.  He’s in an alternative universe… and sadly, some fellow Americans are following him.

So.. can things for Trump get worse?  Of course… and I am certainly not going to predict anything.  Events, one way or another, will unfold as him and his administration implodes over time.  Will America tumble with him?  Of course not.  I mean, yes, it’s possible he might escalate some conflict into a military fight but I don’t see that happening one bit.  You can already see the reaction of international leaders.. there’s a sense of “ignoring” Trump.  The “art of the deal” guy can’t make any deals; he lifts a pen and decrees or repeals.

Ha!  “The Art Of The Deal can’t make any deals; he lifts a pen and decrees or repeals.”

(Damn.. I’m good.)

(I had an urge to tack “Burma Shave” at the end of that… but I’d be showing my age.)


Perhaps the final observation one can make about all this is exactly how far the nation can go to make the president himself irrelevant… except for maybe entertainment value, which ironically, is what he’s good at.

Carry On America