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Special Russian Investigation Prosecutor Robert Mueller and President Trump have been doing the back-and-forth for quite a while now..  to try and reach an agreement for Trump to provide an in-person deposition regarding any part of Russian collusion and/or Trump’s obstructing the overall investigation.

Speculation abounds in the media as to whether Trump is personally anxious to do this or if he feels compelled to some measure to show to the public that he is cooperating with the investigation.  There’s also a couple other strategic scenarios floating around as to why Trump may want to submit to Mueller’s questions.  But here’s my perception of all this.

It’s been my observation that Trump pretty much does very little planning before he does anything.  This falls in line with my personal understanding of his psychological make-up (outlined HERE in detail), which is my centerpiece reason to not want him as President… and thusly the reason for this blog.  He prides himself on knowing more than others… no one is smarter.  Most people assign way too much cryptic strategic planning to Trump’s methods; actually he just plain shoots from the hip.. and mostly misses the mark.  But it works for him in real estate; he’s got the billions and I don’t.

Actually I think he wants to… not testify to Mueller… not answer Mueller’s questions to cooperate with an ongoing investigation… rather he wants to confront Mueller.  He wants to engage and provoke as if he would be negotiating.  He wants to tell Mueller himself that there was no collusion… and he honestly expects Mueller to take his word… as President.  Trump will be talking to Mueller as Mueller’s boss in the chain of command… knowing full well he can fire Mueller at will and without cause.  It matters not if he would have to go through Rosenstein or the man-in-the-moon to do it.

During this interview Trump will drone on about how good he is doing… that he has broken all records doing anything… and he will “tell” Mueller that as far as he knows all the “bad” started under the Obama administration.  He will most assuredly ask Mueller (which he’s not there to ask Mueller a thing) if he’s found any evidence to indict Hillary for anything since her birth.  Mueller will not answer to anything.. but Trump can now say to his base that he “confronted” Mueller on indicting Clinton for any perceived transgressions.

In exchange for his “performance” with Mueller, Trump will then be able to convey to the public any “unfairness” in the questioning to suggest political bias (under his interpretation of same) to feed his base.  Also, he will be able to show to the world that he indeed cooperated with Mueller when he was not required to do so.

Mulling this over in my head I couldn’t help but reflect back on the movie “A Few Good Men”… and Nicholson’s portrayal of Col. Nathan R. Jessup, the authoritarian commander of GITMO who presumes his ends justifies the means; a study in the arrogance of power above the law.  Pretty much Trump in general… without the gruff military bearing, of course.  This also reminded me of a tongue-in-cheek post I made this last February… about a movie script I wrote.  Well, not a real script, mind you.  “A Few Good Immigrants” was my working title.  I re-wrote the last scene of the movie as if Trump were being interviewed by Mueller.  Here’s a repeat for your reading “pleasure”.

(I warn you.. if by some bizarre long shot you have been secluded away for 26 years to the mountains of Tibet and never saw the original movie in it’s countless re-runs over the last couple decades then you might not find the satire relevant.)



My point with all this is to present Trump as really just dying to talk to Mueller thinking it will be on his own terms, and he will leave from the experience able to thump his chest on his innocence and the idea that the investigation is biased… or in the least, doubtful.

Actually, I would love to imagine Mueller himself will not be conducting the interview.. leaving it to an “underling” to ask the President questions.  Thus sending that message to our Dear Leader.  But.. that shunning will likely not happen; Mueller is too classy for that.



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